Let us keep track of your battery health for you.

Avoid battery-related device failure
with continuous monitoring, alerts,
and recommendations for maintenance.

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How BatteryCheck Works

Step 1

Bring your “dumb” offline batteries online or connect your devices via your IoT management platform with our easy-to-use API.
No time-consuming setup process required.

Step 2

Never again need to go and look at a battery in person to see its health—see the Green, Yellow, or Red statuses of each battery in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Step 3

Get alerts when individual batteries might fail or need maintenance/ replacement – before a problem occurs.

BatteryCheck is for…

Battery-powered Device Manufacturers

Manufacture, sell, and provide warranties
for their battery-powered devices. 

Service Providers

Leverage batteries as a primary or secondary (backup) energy source to keep their service running.

Use Cases

BatteryCheck works with multiple industries. See yours?


IoT-connected sensors provide valuable data. But when batteries fail, they can’t operate or provide further data. BatteryCheck ensures there is no sudden failure and recommends a predictive maintenance window, enabling continuous and safe operations.

Power tools

Power tool manufacturers need to be certain they have enough components for battery pack warranty replacements for existing customers and new products. We advise them on full battery lifecycle events from the beginning until the end, helping to drive their decisions.


BatteryCheck offers a complete overview of the battery lifecycle, helping manufacturers avoid operational downtime, plan maintenance windows, and enable 2nd life repurposing. This optimizes the OPEX model, allowing companies to get the most out of each battery.


BatteryCheck gives fleet operators with road and non-road electric vehicles, AGVs, electric forklifts, drones, or boats the benefit of monitoring the complete battery lifecycle. BatteryCheck monitors 2nd-life batteries in 2nd-life energy storage solutions, enabling a continuous and predictable lifespan.

Energy storage

Renewables, such as PVs and windmills, reach higher efficiency once coupled with batteries. Service providers, installers, and commercial customers rely on BatteryCheck to keep these systems fully operational, immediately letting them know of any issues so they can react quickly.

Backup batteries

Lead-acid backup-batteries need to be fully operational, even with the loss of the primary electricity connection. BatteryCheck monitors and analyzes backup batteries so the service providers know when to schedule maintenance or completely replace batteries.