Real-time Battery Lifecycle Data Solution

BatteryCheck provides an accurate assessment of battery life, increasing its predictability and optimizing usage.

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You may be the perfect customer

If you reply yes to most of these questions, we have a solution for you. BatteryCheck helps manufacturers of battery-powered devices as well as service providers that operate devices powered or backed up by batteries.

Do you use batteries as a primary or secondary source of energy in your devices?

Do you need to meet regulatory and environmental requirements or initiatives?

Can you provide device and battery telemetry measurements?

Are you liable for any failures associated with the predictable operations of your battery-powered devices?

Do you have SLAs, warranty contracts or internal procedures tied to predictable battery lifecycle and uptime of your devices?

Do you have to/want to store battery telemetry data in proper format and structure, so you can use it in the future and not lose it?

What Are the Benefits?

Demystify battery health

Get access to real-time performance and risk assessment of your batteries to avoid unexpected downtimes of your battery-powered devices. 

Take advantage of proactive alerts

Receive instant alerts when your battery exhibits unusual behavior, including recommendations that will optimize and improve the performance of your battery-powered devices.

Make data-driven decisions

With analytics on battery performance, you make data-backed decisions. Smart recommendations address every stage of the battery lifecycle, including design, procurement, warranty claims, 2nd life, recycling, and carbon neutrality initiatives.

Enjoy easy and quick integration

Swiftly and effortlessly ingest the data generated by your devices and battery management systems to our cloud-based platform without acquiring any extra hardware.

Common Challenges that Manufacturers Face

Battery Procurement

The increased need for battery components has created a surge in demand and complicates the entire battery value chain:

Raw materials, minerals, and other components are growing scarce

The prices on components continue rising and delivery times are becoming more lengthy

Battery lifecycle analytics reduces procurement costs, helping our customers to forecast and acquire the right volume of batteries to cover the warranties, SLAs and new devices.

Compliance with SLAs and Warranty Conditions

Lack of tangible battery performance data hinders manufacturers’ ability to comply with SLAs and warranty contracts

The number of charge cycles and how the battery is handled are key factors that largely affect the battery’s lifespan

Most consumers lack understanding of their batteries and can often misuse them, inadvertently decreasing battery lifespan

BatteryCheck optimizes battery usage and enables companies to adhere to warranties and SLAs by crafting recommendations on proper device management.

Green Initiatives

The rising importance of regulatory requirements and climate impact initiatives has created operational roadblocks and put additional burdens on reporting:

Transition from fossil fuels to renewables, aspirations of new revenue streams and the shift from CAPEX to OPEX urges companies to think differently

Manufacturers face issues of receiving funding for their companies due to non-existing or weak regulatory and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) procedures

BatteryCheck lifecycle platform generates immutable battery health records to allow companies to meet current and future requirements.

Use Cases

BatteryCheck works with multiple industries. See yours?


IoT-connected sensors provide valuable data. But when batteries fail, they can’t operate or provide further data. BatteryCheck ensures there is no sudden failure and recommends a predictive maintenance window, enabling continuous and safe operations.

Power tools

Power tool manufacturers need to be certain they have enough components for battery pack warranty replacements for existing customers and new products. We advise them on full battery lifecycle events from the beginning until the end, helping to drive their decisions.


BatteryCheck offers a complete overview of the battery lifecycle, helping manufacturers avoid operational downtime, plan maintenance windows, and enable 2nd life repurposing. This optimizes the OPEX model, allowing companies to get the most out of each battery.


BatteryCheck gives fleet operators with road and non-road electric vehicles, AGVs, or electric forklifts the benefit of monitoring the complete battery lifecycle. BatteryCheck monitors 2nd-life batteries in 2nd-life energy storage solutions, enabling a continuous and predictable lifespan.

Energy storage

Renewables, such as PVs and windmills, reach higher efficiency once coupled with batteries. Service providers, installers, and commercial customers rely on BatteryCheck to keep these systems fully operational, immediately letting them know of any issues so they can react quickly.

Backup batteries

Lead-acid backup-batteries need to be fully operational, even with the loss of the primary electricity connection. BatteryCheck monitors and analyzes backup batteries so the service providers know when to schedule maintenance or completely replace batteries.

How it works

BatteryCheck provides a smooth and effortless three-step process that doesn’t require much input from your side

Step 1

We link your internet-connected devices to our battery lifecycle platform and collect data.

Step 2

We store your data on our trusted cloud servers and analyze the battery performance.

Step 3

We notify you and recommend strategies to optimize battery usage and increase battery lifespan.

In a nutshell, as long as you provide us with the battery and device telemetry data, we will deliver critical recommendations to increase battery lifespan. Leverage the knowledge, know-how, and experience of our artifical intelligence analytics to protect and empower your business as well as a path to create new revenue streams.

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Frequently asked questions

Your most pressing questions about our technology answered.
What is BatteryCheck?

BatteryCheck is a cloud-based service that helps companies with battery lifecycle management and allows them to use and operate batteries predictably.

What devices with batteries do you focus on?

Any device that can provide device and battery telemetry measurements and transfer them via the internet. We ingest data via API and send the results of our analytics back to API again allowing companies to leverage the insights in their portals, apps, platforms for further processing and actions.

What kind of battery telemetry data do we need to measure and analyze battery performance?

Depending on the type of battery-powered device we generally need current, voltage, temperature and energy throughput in time series.

What kind of batteries can you monitor and analyze?

We are battery-chemistry agnostic and work with single-use, rechargeable and even 2nd life batteries. For some battery types, we already have AI models, whereas for other types, we can adjust the existing models once we have enough data and learn usage patterns.

Do you use any hardware to ingest the data and transfer it to you?

No, we don’t. Customers send us device and telemetry data via the internet and we process it.

Why does my battery-powered device need to be connected to the internet?

We need to get the data to our cloud-based platform to store and analyze it.

Does it have to be an IoT device?

Not really. We can ingest data either from the device itself or the platform that is managing your devices (fleet management platform, IoT management system, SCADA system) or your cloud data storage.

If my device is not internet-connected and cannot provide telemetry measurements, can I still leverage your service?

Although we can help you learn how to capture telemetry measurements and transfer them to us (we provide professional services consulting), it remains the customer’s responsibility to perform these tasks. Our role is battery lifecycle management and analytics. Should you want to know more, please contact us.

What do you do with the data you ingest?
We use our own big data analytics leveraging AI, machine learning, mathematical modeling to identify anomalies that might result in possible battery failure. We also utilize predictive analytics to recommend predictive maintenance tasks as well as gauge the battery health condition and remaining useful life.
How can your solution help my company to implement battery repurposing and recycling?
BatteryCheck analytics performs various calculations such as the remaining useful life of each battery and suggests whether you should go 2nd life and repurpose or recycle batteries. Depending on your business strategy, various devices and batteries might be eligible for 2nd life repurposing at different times. Once we identify the right moment for recycling, you will receive an alert from our system.
What is battery predictive maintenance and how can it benefit my business?
Managing a bigger volume of devices (e.g. fleets) might impact your SLAs and continuing to service your devices can become financially unviable. Our recommendations allow you to plan your service and maintenance windows, repair or replace potentially problematic batteries and avoid unexpected expenses.
What about data security?

We ingest non-personal device and telemetry measurements, use unique identifiers so nobody can decode any information about the device itself, its location or who is the customer. Leveraging blockchain, the data itself and the results of our analytics are immutable to be fully transparent to our customers.

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