Know when your batteries need service...

before they die.

Predictive Battery Analytics for
Battery-Powered Device Manufacturers.

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The Problem

Managing battery warranties and replacement for hundreds of your devices is no fun—and costly.

Physically checking offline battery status on an ad hoc basis is incredibly time consuming.

Reactive maintenance shortens the life of your devices and can lead to more warranties being filed.

Waiting for customers to tell you a device failed can hurt your company’s reputation — and lead to legal penalties.

The Solution

Let us keep track of your battery health for you.

Battery Management API

Don’t worry about time-consuming integration — we automatically ingest your existing telemetry measurements directly from your devices or IoT management platform.

Always-On Monitoring

Sleep better knowing BatteryCheck is continuously reading and analyzing the health of all your batteries.

Alerts & Recommendations

We’ll let you know exactly when you need to replace or maintain each battery… 
 before a problem occurs.

Start experiencing the benefits today.

Minimize the manual labor needed to service batteries.

Extend your device-life with better-timed battery maintenance.

Reduce the number of unpleasant warranty claims.