Know when your backup batteries are going to fail before they do.

Predictive Battery Analytics for
Service Providers

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The Problem

How do you make sure that when your service goes down… your backup batteries will actually work?

During system-critical outages, your backups could already be dead and you don’t know it.

Reactively servicing batteries can shorten their lifecycle and lead to unexpected replacement costs.

Waiting for things to go wrong can result in broken SLAs and both financial and legal penalties.

The Solution

Let us keep track of your backup battery health for you.

Easy installation

We’ll provide the hardware and instructions to quickly get your “dumb” offline batteries online.

Always-On Monitoring

Sleep better knowing BatteryCheck is continuously reading and analyzing the health of all your backup batteries.

Alerts & Recommendations

See green, yellow, and red status updates on every individual backup battery along with replacement and maintenance recommendations.

Start experiencing the benefits today.

Reduce fear of your devices running out of battery and negatively impacting your customers.

Extend your backup battery life with better-timed maintenance.

Never worry again that if your backup batteries fail, your service will also fail.